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Engine failure have to do the game from 0 again, but the development is still standing

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The game features a fatal error, so back to program it from scratch, so the game will take longer than expected to be released.
The engine seems averse overloaded, so the .exe can not run but this will not stop the game, much less going to stop me, I will experiment with new styles of play until he found the perfect formula, will achieve a challenge for me but I'll try, curiosity: is the eighth time I have to start the game from 0.
I would ask everyone who tested the first 5 levels to give me an opinion

This time I'm going to do with game maker for steam, I hope this time not complicate anymistake me, but hey, I am determined to finish this, and I'll keep working at it until you give me a stroke.
I plan much longer, but I have several limitations due to lack of knowledge and lack ofprofessional engine version, probably it'll take care of later, at least I hope.

Sorry for my caverman english

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