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The definitive version of Legionwood, the Final Edition has finally been released. This new build adds a completely rewritten script and extra dungeons, amongst other things.

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Hi there, Legionwood fans! In celebration of Legionwood being featured on the front page of RPG, I'm happy to announce that the Final Edition of the game is now available to download!

The Final Edition is the definitive version of Legionwood. This updated build of the game completely fixes the last of the remaining bugs in the game, restores a smattering of cut beta content to the game (such as the extra floor of the Pirate's Cove and the Adventure theme music) and, best of all, features a completely rewritten script, with every line of dialogue in the game addressed for clarity, brevity and spelling and grammar errors. Each of Legionwood's characters now has a more distinct personality, and there is more emotion and characterisation in the game than in previous builds. Foreshadowing and references to Legionwood 2 have also been inserted into the game, to create a stronger link between the two titles.

All of this work, including rewriting the dialogue and tightening up the game code took me about a month to complete - it wasn't a small task, but I've wanted to update the original Legionwood for a while, so I placed the sequel on hiatus to get it done. Now that the Final Edition is online and ready to play, I'm inviting all Legionwood fans and new players alike to give it a try and pass the time until the next release of Legionwood 2 with a more polished, better written RPG that I'm sure they'll enjoy.

With that said, I'll get back to work on Legionwood 2. Now that the Final Edition of Legionwood is released, I'm happy to move on to the future and make some long-awaited progress on the sequel. Keep an eye out for Beta 4.0 of Legionwood 2 some time in 2013, and I'll bring you more news on the game's development as it happens.



I never found the time to play through the game, but from what I've played it seemed very nice.

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