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Update News

After a rocky January, we're back to action. Engines are 100% non-stop working on the next update.
First of all, unfortunately, I have some not great news, I won't the releasing the update this month, there's still a lot to do, so I'm gonna have to move the release to March, BUT, with that said, we have some major improvements already:

  • Polymost is BACK;
  • Upscalling is very well active and ALMOST finished;
  • Upscalling can be disabled at launch;
  • Saving babes is now a feature;
  • REDESIGNED the Overlord Sprite (there were some coloring and accuracy issues with it);
  • NEW ending and ARENA at the end of L.A Meltdown;
  • Devastator has a alternate fire mode with heat seeker missiles;
  • Regular fire mode of the Plasma Rifle is now RED (same as the prototypes);
  • Smooth animations for the weapons (upscaled as well);
  • Tracers instead of hitscanning for enemies (ONLY IN "SEE YOU IN HELL");
  • NEW upscaled title screen;

Check out some screenshots:







"See You in Hell"

The new skill level rocks, due to it's increase in diffcult, the aliens will no longer hitscan the player, instead, they will shoot a tracer projectile, it's not instant, allowing the player to dodge, but it is as fast as hell. Other changes are less ammo, armor and health from pickups, forcing the player to use the Laser Chainsaw and other special weapons more (these weapons, such as the Shrinker, Freezethrower, Flamethrower and others, make the enemies drop several pickups for ammo, armor and health).

Another HUGE change is the new ending to the "L.A Meltdown" episode (only in this skill level). Not only we get a new ARENA and CUTSCENE (follow me on Twitter and you'll get to see a frame of the cutscene), but there is a special surprise for you, and believe-me, you are gonna want to see this.


What's next?

A lot has been done, but it's not over yet. Over the next few weeks, there'll be improvements to the Overlord fight and I'll be finishing the episode 4 treatment. Oh, and next week, I'm thinking about releasing and trailer, sooooo... GET READY!!


Stay tuned!!
Hail to the King, Baby!!


Xtor9811 - - 38 comments

You breathe life into a glorious hero! And backfill question - do you plan to include revised versions of caribbean vacation, nuclear winter in the future?

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marcolino123 Author
marcolino123 - - 113 comments


I've no intention to give them the Legacy Treatment.
There were plans for a custom campaign based on the prototypes, but from my perspective, there aren't enough data to recreate such levels, and map making in the Build Engine is quite a job, so EP 4 will be (for now) the final part of this project. After that, i'll be working on a my own project for a indie game.

Hail to the king, Baby!!

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neophus - - 591 comments

Making a collaboration with the duke3HD project would be great to include in your MOD !

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marcolino123 Author
marcolino123 - - 113 comments

That would be cool, but the 3HD relies on the Polymer renderer which, unfortunately, on its current state, is "unworkable" for the scope of this project.

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CheezeCrostata - - 363 comments

"Saving babes is now a feature"

Mah man, you just won the internet!

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_origami_ - - 219 comments


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Guest - - 699,277 comments

Hope to play the latest episode man! Great work!

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