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My computer took a crap and now I lost all the Clear Sky mods I was working on. That's about it.

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So here's some news, not necessarily good.

Recently my RAID array decided it was going to go crazy. This turned out to be because one of the drives was failing, but subtly. The end result of this is that my installation of Windows was completely hosed and I lost a good chunk of data. UNFORTUNATELY it looks as though some of the lost data was the coming Micro-Mods I was working on. In particular the weapon mod I was working on seems to be badly affected.

The end result is that for most of this stuff I'd have to start over from scratch. Not that I'm not willing, but I have other priorities in the interim. Right now that mostly consists of Fallout: New Vegas mods, or rather bug fixes. I seem to have a talent for that.

Anyway, this mod collection is not finished, but don't expect new entries for a while.

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