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Leadwerks 3.1 is now available for pre-orders. New features include an OpenGL 4.0 deferred renderer with up to 32x hardware MSAA, geometry and tessellation shaders, and support for the Linux operating system, for both the engine AND editor.

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Leadwerks 3.1 is nearly ready for release! In Leadwerks 3.0, we focused on making a solid cross-platform art pipeline and editor. In 3.1 we're adding graphics that go above and beyond the capabilities of Leadwerks 2.

New Features in 3.1

  • OpenGL 4.0 deferred renderer with up to 32x hardware MSAA.
  • Geometry and tessellation shaders.
  • Support for the Linux operating system, for both the engine AND editor.

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Leadwerks 3.1 is now available for pre-ordering in the Leadwerks store. Existing 3.0 customers can pre-order the upgrade to 3.1 for $99. New customers can pre-order Leadwerks 3.1 for $199. Order before January 6 and get the Indie Edition on Steam for free.

The upgrade to an OpenGL 4 deferred renderer is a big step. To make the process smoother and put Leadwerks in your hands sooner, we're rolling Leadwerks 3.1 out in stages.

"Leadwerks: Indie Edition" will be launched on Steam January 6th. This will be on Windows only, with support for Lua scripting. The following groups will receive a free Steam key to add this product to their Steam account:

  • Leadwerks 3.0 customers who pre-order the upgrade to version 3.1.
  • New customers who pre-order Leadwerks 3.1.
  • All Kickstarter backers who backed Leadwerks for Linux for $49 or more. (Even if you don't run Windows, hold onto this as the Linux version on Steam will have special features.)

Leadwerks 3.1 for Linux and Windows will be released together next, with the exact release date to be determined. Leadwerks 3.1 for Mac will follow this, with mobile add-ons for iOS and Android coming last. (There is no upgrade purchase necessary for the mobile upgrades for Leadwerks 3.1.)

HeadClot - - 461 comments

I am planning on buying Leadwerks very soon apparently. :D

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Guest - - 688,629 comments

I wish the level editor be more like GTKradiant or hammer or at least like 3dws, it lacks a lot of features right now.

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JoshKlint Author
JoshKlint - - 39 comments

I agree, carve and hollow are high on the priority list. I have done those before, but you have to set a scope of features somewhere or it will never get released.

I love CSG level design because it's easy for someone like me to make game levels, so I really do want to get this in soon. Fun fact: I used to use Hammer and GTKRadiant when they were called Worldcraft and QRadiant.

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rpiller - - 1 comments

This is one of the easiest engines to program in. Can't wait for real-time lighting again in 3.1!

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MikeHense - - 7 comments

3 Years Of Progress...

Do Any Of You Leadwerks Devs Out There Think That This

Looks Better Than This (from over 3 years ago)

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HeadClot - - 461 comments

Are there any additional details on the Indie edition?

Price for example?

The Only platforms I Want to develop for are SteamOS/Linux, Windows and Android.

Would those be add-ons to the Indie edition? Would we have to hand over more money for those or just upgrade to the full version of Leadwerks.

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JoshKlint Author
JoshKlint - - 39 comments

The price will be set at $99 on Steam. Mobile support on Steam will be available at a later date.

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