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Recently we have announced our forthcoming video game Kingdom Sieges and have revealed first looks at the gameplay and design of the game. Today we take a closer look while talking to Chrysalis Games’ CEO and Kingdom Sieges Lead Producer Daniel Gippert, focusing on the roadmap of Development and what we can expect from the upcoming Medieval Roleplay.

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PHILLIP: Thank you for taking you time Daniel. Recently we have showed and revealed some preview of Kingdom Sieges. Can you talk a bit about what is this game about and the storyline behind?

DANIEL: Thanks, Kingdom Sieges is a medieval RPG inspired by the european middle age and is set in a fictious kingdomland with different landscapes and rural settings. We took much efford to create an authentic look and atmosphere which should reflect the challenging times and life in the feudal Middle Age. The player will be roaming the country and will have to decide which path he wants to take and therefore with which reputation he wants to be seen in the game world. The open game world relies on the decisions of the player and his reputation, i.e. as a disreputable robber knight the NPC’s tend to be more prudent with him and it will be more difficult to receive sympathy or recognition than if you are a respected and acknowledged knight.

PHILLIP: It sounds like the player gets a lot of flexibility to decide how his reputation should be in the medieval world.

DANIEL: In a way, yes, but we have to forgo this kind of flexibility at crucial stages and throughout the campaign in order to avoid unforeseen distortions in the storyline.

PHILLIP: In the previously announced development plan, a multiplayer or co-op mode was excluded for the moment. I would like to know if there are any thoughts about implementing and delivering this at a later stage and for what reasons a multiplayer mode is not planned.

DANIEL: At this time and at the current stage of development, it would be too early to either completely exclude or include certain features from the outset. This means that we are currently not working on a multiplayer mode because we focus on an extensive and immersive single player story. Therefore we have to create a lot of different elements and missions. The introduction of a multiplayer mode would not only change the core of the game that we would like to see, but also mean a lot of features we did not include in the game. Whether this mode will be available at a later date will be decided at the appropriate time.

PHILLIP: You recently posted on Twitter about your considerations for a possible crowdfunding campaign. Could you tell us if there are any further plans and information?

DANIEL: Well, that’s true. I am currently evaluating the various options, as it may be useful not only from a marketing aspect but also for reasons of community development. It is interesting and exciting for us not only to keep the community up to date, but also to create opportunities for our community to take part in the development process. But before this option can be initiated, the conditions have to be defined in advance, i.e. we also have to decide which gifts we will offer to supporters in a crowdfunding campaign.
For these reasons, consideration has been given but a decision is still pending.

PHILLIP: With a view to the launch of the next-gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony, there were a few questions whether Kingdom will also be released for the previous models Playstation 4 and Xbox One, but according to the development plan this option is not in question, why?

DANIEL: Surely not everyone has positively received and understood this decision, I am aware of that.
Nevertheless, I am convinced that as a young company we must also look at the new possibilities on the market and at the future, which means that we will use the new technologies simply because of the better performance and the improved processors, graphics chips and hardware. So we were all a lot happier that Sony will finally make downward compatibility from the new Playstation 5 to the current Playstation 4 possible, this feature has been in use at Microsoft for a long time and of course makes a lot of work easier.
Due to the fact that the new generations are still new on the market, we must of course also observe the development of the consoles in order to make a decision that creates opportunities for us as well as for players of both generations of consoles. At the current time and with the planned release next fall, we are still focused on next-gen and computer systems, but we are retaining further options.

PHILLIP: In which languages will Kingdom be published?

DANIEL: At the current standpoint, the game will be released with English language output and subtitles in german and french. Of course, we will try to include the language version in the respective languages as much as possible.

PHILLIP: Will Kingdom Sieges provide more content such as DLC’s, Mods etc. in near future?

DANIEL: Of course, we will bring in some very exciting Addons / DLC’s after the release of the game; some of them with focus on extending the story experience and new adventures and some might bring in additional stuff like new weapons, gear and more.
We intend to support the Mod-Community as good as possible, so we will bring in a possibility to create and share mods created by users. Currently we are still in a very early stage of implementation of this feature.

PHILLIP: Is there already a rough timetable?

DANIEL: Not yet, as I said, these features are still on an early stage of planning but we will reveal more information as soon the content will be ready to be tested.

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