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We are officially launching the ModDB page for The Final Death of John Deepmind, pt 2: Episode 1 - The Fall of New York.

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Well, we're finally showing our work to the world.

As the sequel to the highly-esteemed (I think three people played it) Teleporter Holocaust and The Final Death of John Deepmind, pt 1: The Water World Hell, we bring you the Metal Gear-inspired political thriller that is The Final Death of John Deepmind, pt 2: Episode 1 - The Fall of New York.

In this sequel, you will play as our previous protagonist's son, Michael King, fighting the food fight in the year 2032. In his quest to find the man who killed his father, he become embroiled in a plot to determine the fate of New York, and maybe kill John Deepmind along the way. Guiding him along this spiritual journey is the returning character, the ever-enigmatic Rigman.

Deepmind Inc, now under the alleged ownership of John Deepmind's 60-year-old daughter Lillith Deepmind, has killed death. With their Afterlife™ Program, even a full 24 hours after death, you can have the chemical activity of your brain replicated in a digital environment. How long does this Afterlife last? Well, until either the end of the world, or they shut down the servers to save money; whichever comes first.

But Deepmind Inc's monopoly couldn't last forever.

I would like to give special thanks to Windawz and Admer for their contributions this project, as they have been invaluable team members to me. Hopefully this mod won't take 10 years to finish.

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