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An overview of the project goals, status and how you can help.

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Firearms Overhaul is a project that revitalizes the shooting aspect of combat in Deus Ex by introducing newer higher-resolution models, textures and animations to the game's weaponry, keeping the designs as close to the original as possible without compromising quality. The project also introduces iron sights to the game and the aim-down-the-sight (ADS) mechanic and an expanded modification system. The concept behind the mod began nearly 10 years ago in 2008 as a simple multiplayer mod, but expanded only in recent years after being lost in development hell.


* Provide high quality and aesthetic replacements for the game's firearms
* Ensure faithfulness to the original designs
* Fully functional aim-down-the-sight (ADS) mechanic that utilizes iron sights
* Expanded modification system with more visual customization
* Addition of immersive elements such as a separate animation for the under-barrel grenade launcher
* Act as a non-intrusive standalone mod fully compatible with other Deus Ex mods


The scope of the mod is replacing the game's original six (6) firearms:
the Assault Rifle,
the Sniper Rifle,
the Assault Shotgun,
the Sawed-off Shotgun,
the Pistol and the Stealth Pistol.

All of the replacement meshes will have usable iron sights, improved and modernized animations, visual modifications that appear on the mesh itself such as an extended magazine or laser attachment, and many more elements that are being planned to improve immersion.


Currently the scope of the project is limited to the firearms of Deus Ex and not the heavy weapons or low-tech weapons such as the mini-crossbow. However, addons that will include these replacements for the mod are planned to be released in the future.


The mod is in Pre-Alpha. We have completed most of the basic modeling, skinning, animating and importing of all weapons except the Pistol. These are still considered Works-in-Progress (WIPs) and are highly subject to change and constant retouching. Design concepts may be updated or polished constantly. A rudimentary iron sight system has been implemented successfully.


If you are interested in helping with the mod, whether as a player or a developer, please send a message or comment indicating what you would like to help with. We are welcoming people with all talents and any amount of time to invest in this project, but we could especially use coders and programmers to assist with basic implementation of the mod and its mechanics into the vanilla game. Modelers, texture artists, animators and sound artists are of course always welcome. In addition, if you have any design ideas you'd like to see implemented within the mod, please also contact us.

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