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We've been working hard on this project in the last few months. we've update a lot of things. including the engine, and also mapping. We've got some new screenshots and also you can listen to number of pieces from our soundtracks.

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We're not dead, yet.

We've had a huge number of updates and we've got some new friends that have come to join us over at SMC Games. We welcome our new Artist to the SMC Games Team Cecillia Belle Lacroix.
She is joining the team and we are so happy to welcome her to our team. You should definitely check out her work because it is beautiful!

Graphical Update

This first update is a complete revamp of the mapping for Spirit Timer, we felt that although the maps looked amazing as is, we wanted to bring the darker side of our maps out more, make them more "grittier". if that's the word for it. but anywho...we'll just let the maps speak for themselves:

Updated Screenshots
Updated Screenshots
Updated Screenshots

I'll be adding more to the screenshots, shorty, so keep your eyes open for that!

Music Update

I've begun work on the official Soundtrack for Spirit Timer, originally we were using some beautiful Royalty Free music from Kevin MacLeod, however it was decided that although the music that we chose was beautiful, we wanted the feeling of the world of Sommini to be referenced fully in the music. So for the end of this blog update I welcome you to listen to just a small sample of the OST:

We've been working on this game for so long now and we've got so many exciting things to come, and we'll be sure to update you as and when they occur! Thanks!
Jonnie, Cecillia and Steven
(SMC Games)

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