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Updates on the progress of the game. Normal difficulty has been added as well as sounds effects and music

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Sorry for the lack of updates. Being an employee takes a lot of time for me to keep on the project in a steady pace but I do have some updates.

The AI has been improved but I decided to release the game with two difficulty levels with more to come in the future:

1) the "Lucky" difficulty is just as the name implies. The computer looks for the tiles it can play in its turn and chooses one at random. This one is easy to beat but it can be a good challenge for beginners as they get strategies to win or to lose with the least points possible.

2) The normal difficulty has some strategy that never knows which tiles the other players own but has these basic concepts:

  • Get rid of doubles as soon as the opportunity arises.
  • Count the played pips(numbers) of the tiles on the table, the more that are played the more valuable they are to play.
  • Look for ways to close the ends to its favor and make other player take tiles from the boneyard or pass.

Another difficulty will be added with other strategies, but the code needs to be improved to that it becomes quite the challenge, but it can be quite good against amateur players.

* Use the multiples in the ai calculations for Normal.
* Ideas for cross platform multiplayer that is low cost

Sound effects were added, recorded with my headset =P and audacity.
Music is free with creative license, so I had to show the proper license when each song plays.

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