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Hello again everyone!


It is lovely to once more connect with our fellow Thanatophobians and fresh faces alike! After an extended period of silence we felt it was time to once more share some of the latest development news regarding Thanatophobia. We ensure you all that things are indeed happening and a lot of work is getting done by several hard working and talented individuals here at Death Knell Games. Despite this we have made the decision to limit the amount of content and information to be put out on the web. This is in order for us to ensure that once Thanatophobia is released it will feel like a fresh and invigorating experience.

In game screenshot

Upcoming gameplay trailer

I have been working away to complete the first proper Thanatophobia gameplay trailer. There are currently a few more important elements still in development that are needed for the trailer, but they are wrapping up nicely. In the coming weeks you will be able to see said trailer, complete with gameplay, finished environments, some of our music score and the blood sweat and tears we have all put into this project!

In game screenshot


Thanatophobia portrays ex-police detective Sam Dehaven's fight for survival against a child killer. The emotional toll of a series of intensely gruesome kidnapping cases and the ensuing turmoil of the failed investigation led Sam to leave the force and escape his troubled life with drug and alcohol abuse.
Standing in the pouring rain amidst a deserted city alleyway, Sam ponders his next move. His only clue, and the reason he stands in front of the seemingly abandoned apartment building, is a tip off from the Bear himself, seemingly a taunt but something Sam cannot resist in investigating. At the apartment, Sam finds an old recording not far from a fresh, undisturbed body. The almost unintelligible recording seems to be speaking in tongues with only a few discernible fragments that make very little sense to him. Sam’s unease grows as he feels compelled to delve into the oddly familiar apartment building. Somehow drawn to the building, Sam has no choice but face the horrific secrets that lie within.


What has been going on lately?

In our last news post we mentioned a partnership with James Tan from the companies Digital Confectioners and Epic Games. With his extensive experience with the Unreal Engine 3 we are putting huge amounts of content into Thanatophobia. Ever since, Thanatophobia has flourished and the project has grown tremendously from its starting point.

Since the last update we've also had the pleasure of expanding our work force with more gifted people looking to advance as part of a team. Working with us on character modelling and animation is 3D artist: Josh Stoker. You can view some of his previous work on his portfolio. Josh’s skill in character creation and animation is second to none, and we have had a huge amount of fun developing the concepts for the characters. We’d like to thank Josh for his unwavering dedication to the project and his incredible character work.

We would also like to welcome Joel Slaney, the most recent addition to our group of modellers. He will be working on various props and pieces seen in the game. You can see some of the items from his portfolio on his blog and hopefully agree that he has got that attention to detail that is needed for the Thanatophobia project.

Last but certainly not least we would like to thank Louise Roberts. Louise has been an incredible asset since she joined us in July. Louise’s keen eye for detail and never ending drive and determination to deliver quality work has made the content crunch process streamlined and a lot more comfortable for everyone.

Rubbish pile.

What does the future look like?

These recent developments have relieved us of a lot of pressure and have taken us several steps closer to providing you guys with a game that you all can enjoy. We have several fun things planned for the near future that we are sure most of you will appreciate.

For now we are going to keep pushing on as we are currently stronger than we have ever been. Hopefully it is not long before we will see Thanatophobia on Steam’s recent Greenlight service.

Final words:

Your support is very important to us and a large part of what keeps us all going. Death Knell Games would like to thank each and every one of you. We thank you for liking us on Facebook, for spreading the word, for sharing and for reading this.

For your continued support we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!


absolutely LOVE the camera angles! Need any creature designs, I'd be happy to share!

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JohnPearce Author

Thank you very much. All characters are designed and under production, thank you for the offer.

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