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Updates for week 3 of the Summer of Synergy. Gatling Tank, "Whiplash" Light Tank and the Grinder.

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Week 3 and we're still pushing on through, while still making good(caution: very subjective) content. This week we remodeled the "Whiplash" Light Tank and the Gatling Tank.

We also recreated the Grinder from Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge to help with mind controlled units that you no longer wish to have, although the Crusher Crane no longer scraps units for the Soviets, this being part due to remove a certain strategy and because it was hardly ever used. To help with balance it only recycles 50% of the units original cost, although this may change to 25% depending on how balance goes.

I will post a blog later this week about how the new Mind Control works, hopefully we can make a new video of it sometime soon, but we're not yet sure if we will.

Updates might slow down a little bit because of college, but never fear, we will still be able to update, just not as often.

Stay tuned for more Yuri updates in the coming week and be sure check out our other mod, Advance Wars Frontline, we have a playable beta out!


yuri's grinder is anyway more usefull then that crasher crane 'cause he ca mind control enemy units and order them to go scrap,freee supplies and the enemy losing a tank!XD

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The soviet grinder was useful because you could leach a vehicle with the hammer. Send it to the grinder, recive the weapon while getting back 75% of the units cost. For example a Tesla (Stingray) Hammer tank costs 1250 instead of 2000.

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Gotta Grind then all!

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looking good.

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