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Global Storm v0.5 is in final phase of testing. In a week or so it will be ready to play.

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It's been long time since Global Storm mod got new version.

It took me more then I thought it would, but finally v0.5 is in final phase of testing.

Testing phase should last for a few days. But most of all what does v0.5 brings?

Most of all is fixes:

Lot's of code optimization, removing unnecessary files, improving some weapons models,new weapons models, new 1p animations for all weapons, new sounds, new textures for some units. I Finally fixed bot team balance in Single Player, thanks to the work of ESAI/Void the AI is now much,much better opponent. Plus there is more stuff that I did but I forgot it. After almost six months of work (ALONE) I kinda lost track what I fixed and what I ruined. :)

Emiliomau made new and improved some of his old models of scopes.

I did had a plan to make 1p prone animations, but at this rate of working, who knows when v0.5 would be ready. So I didn't made 1p prone animations, it would be done in next version. I also wanted to make some pickups, but again I didn't found the time for it, and so on, so on...

Now as for weapons.
I made new and impoved some older weapons models.

So these are new weapons:
- AK-74u (new model made by Emiliomau).
- AK-74u with Kobra scope
- Removed AK-101 GP30 Aimpoint and added AK-101 GP30 with Eotech
- HK416 iron sight
- HK416 with Eotech scope
- HK416 with M203 and Reflex scope
- HK G3 Sniper version
- M4a1 with silencer and Reflex scope
- M16a4 with Eotech scope
- M16a2 with M203 and Elcan scope
- Removed m240B and added MK46 mod 0 with Elcan scope
- QBZ-95 Iron sight
- QBZ-95 Iron sight with grenade launcher

- Removed RPK-74 with Kobra scope and added RPK-74M with PK01VS scope
- removed ak101 with Kobra scope and added AK-74M with PK01VS scope
- Saiga (vanilla model with new 1p animations)

Improved weapons models:
- M4a1 Iron sight (minor changes)
- M4a1 Aimpoint (minor changes)
- M4a1 Eotech (minor changes and new EoTech scope)
- M16a2
(improved iron sight)
- M16a4 Aimpoint
(minor changes)
- M16a2 with M203
(improved iron sight)
- M249 (improved iron sight)
- PKM (Improved model and texture)
(Improved model and texture)
- RPG 7v
(minor changes)

All weapons got new 1p animations and more !!!

After v0.5 is released. GSmod Special Forces Edition v0.2 will soon be released.

So that is for now.

I hope your waiting won't be in vain.



Sounds bloody good. I'll be looking forward to it.

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Start keeping a changelog file for yourself if you're having problems remembering what all you've fixed/change.

Also, maybe start using version control? That can be a huge help, especially when bug-hunting.

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If you could, for v0.55 or whatever is after 0.5, could you improve some maps?
For example, if you look at a could in real life, you can see it is closer or further to the ground from others, why not add a 2D cloud effect in the sky to give that effect. It would also look good and feel better for jet pilots.

-----Cloud 1-----

-----Cloud 2-----
-----Cloud 3-----
-----Cloud 4-----


If you get the badly done diagram.

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Great! :D cant wait.

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