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Hey Guys, Just scanning my mods for things ive missed, and may come to be in the future. Sorry my life has been very busy lately, and I Haven't had time to Mod TWRM Much.

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In the future I Really, Emphasize Really, Want to add Night time Ops with Nightvision of all Common BF2 Maps.
For a Much Richer Experience with TWRM.

A Personal Stat/Medals System as with BF2 Online would be really great too, as well As Xpack Compatibility,
I heard its not possible to Merge Vanilla BF2 with Xpack, But id really love too!

Enemy Commanders are Still W.I.P, But as far as your Own Team being the commander, the Troops Listen Well.

There are a few more minute things I would like to add, such as bots not being able to see through Foliage,
and Perhaps an Own personal BF2 Launcher that changes variables from /Map time/Game-Mode/Bot#/Bot Ratio/
Maplist, etc. the whole bit.

It would be great if I could get some more help and maybe finish TWRM to be as good as it can be.
But that will take some time, I'm very busy as of lately. If you have some Mod Skills as To some of the
Things stated above I would be VERY Grateful!

You can contact me at:
Xfire - sw33tsp0t
MSN - (user name/email addy)
AIM - FALLout102
Yahoo! - fallout102606

The ones I use the most are MSN and Xfire, thanks, hope you enjoy.


Hi, thank you for your interest In my Battlefield 2 Single Player Realism Mod. You can Download the Mod using the Links Below, Note: You will need all 4 Levels files AND The Core files for the Mod to Install Completely. My Apologiez for such a late response on getting the file hosted. I Finally have done it. There are some Release notes from 7.0 to 8.0 In the Mod Summary. Enjoy! ~Sw33tSp0t

Kickass Torrents 2011 Mod Full Build and Install: (Torrent of Full Mod)

Megaupload Temporary 2011 Full .Torrent Upload:

Older Links: (Obsolete) Client Core Files Installer (8.0) Levels Installer 1 of 4 (8.0) Levels Installer 2 of 4 (8.0) Levels Installer 3 of 4 (8.0) Levels Installer 4 of 4 (8.0)
Version 8.1 Patch,see Screenshots / Summary for Details.
Version 8.2 Patch, Patch after 8.1 Patch, see Screens/Summary For Details. Total War Realism Mod v8.4
Version 8.3+8.4 Patch, Covers Both. Patch after 8.2 .

Archives are now fully working.
**For anyone who Appreciates and Likes my Work, I Would Gladly Accept a Small Donation via Paypal, For Future and Current Modding Projects Support. Send it to via Paypal. Thank You!**

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