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The final update for the public alpha is available, experience old school survival horror again.

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Hey guys the last version of the public alpha of Project Frequency is out, there has been massive improvements that I can't really go over each change, new weapons, new enemies, new areas to explore and A LOT more! This alpha release should give you a couple of hours of entertainment, there's 3 maps to explore in the Survive mode and the Horde mode has been re-vamped, instead of scavenging items, you gather a currency which is used to buy weapons and supplies from an unknown entity. After this, we will be working on the commercial version of PF, starting by getting a publisher or someone to fund the development of the game to then proceed, please head over to the Facebook page to stay updated!

Download the alpha and try it out! Let me know how your survival goes!

Project Frequency Alpha 0.1.3

Some pictures and videos from the recent release down below!









I add immense problems reloading the guns on this demo, more times than not i add a gun on my possession a bunch of ammo, picked them on the inventory hit R to reload and nothing, still zero bullets on the guns.

Hunger and thirst would spend very quickly that is imo bad for a survival game where resources especially water and food is very scarce not to say unrealistic, we can live without food for weeks and without water (depending on the climate) for 3 days or more, died two times because of this options even before the monsters were that many.

The menu also seemed very slow and on the graphic options you couldn't see what options you add active.
When hitting esc instead of having to click on resume make it so you can also hit esc again to return to the game, is faster this way and more times than not i would hit esc by mistake because of a previous game i played.

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BioXide Author

To reload guns you need the magazine and the bullets, once you have both and they're compatible calibers (You can just inspect the items and it tells you what type of bullets it uses), Press Use on the magazine and it should start loading bullets into it, then just press R once you have your magazine ready to reload your gun.

I agree, hunger/thirst depletes a bit too quickly, but I adjusted the values on the map size, there's loot everywhere and it's extremely easy to get your backpack filled with supplies in a couple of minutes.

I didn't spend too much time on the GUI and options since this is a gameplay focused alpha test, I wanted to test all the core mechanics of the game before proceeding with the commercial release of the game, everything else wasn't as important.

Please remember that you're playing an EARLY ALPHA test, polishing and functionality have been discarded in favor of the core gameplay elements of the game.

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Oh Ok, didn't knew about the need to put bullets in magazines, that explains the problems, about loot everywhere, yes there is but in my case almost all of it was, (empty) weapons, melee weapons (loved the axe fight btw), gun magazines, empty cans, some gauze, flashlight and batteries for it, very rarely (and that's fine) did i saw food or water, imo just increase the duration of hunger/thirst bar and it will be fine.
I see immense potential on the demo and i know it is a alpha, don't worry, btw critics are always good even on a alpha state, better to get them now that you can do anything about it, and some can even give you new ideas. :)

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