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Apologies followers, things have slown down progress, but that's about to change!

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We recently decided to use UDK for our project. The problem is, that not only was it complex and hard to use, but it was not designed for our type of game. After two months of being carried away and realising hardly anything is being done, I decided to move back to Unity. And immediately our programmer Ivan, made faster and better progress and workflow became as awesome as ever.

Also we contacted Qantm, a college with courses specialising with Games Design, Programming and Animation. Later on, we receivec applications from very talented and skillful students that are now on the team! Not only are their character models beautiful, but they produce such work in so little time! Soon we will reveal the character models.

On December 20, the team is going to do internal testing with our tech demo which is for demonstrating the skating mechanic. We'll be testing basic movement, sandbox grinding/wall ride and multiplayer. We hope that this tech demo test will be a milestone in our development time.

On behalf of the development team, we are verys orry for keeping you guys waiting with hardly any reporting about what is going on. Now that I have graduated from Junior High, the team members are putting in more time and that we have more talented people joining, it is safe to say that progress will accelerate during this season. Please continue to stay tuned.

-Simon Benjamin
Executive Producer

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