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A recap of everything going on in the past few weeks, as well as new details on upcoming features that will be ready for the upcoming open house.

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Friday Update

November 18th, 2011

(Written by Silverfang and eezstreet)

To start off this week's update we'd like to recap everything we've done these past few weeks of development. Our first update as you all may have been surprised to see pop out of nowhere last halloween was the grenade indicator, which has had over 200 views since it was released. Over the next few days we made new features as well as fixed the many many bugs that have found their way into gunslinger's academy. The next feature to be made (which was briefly shown, but later removed) was new kill messages for teamkills marked in red. Of course friendly fire isn't always on in team games, it's enabled or disabled via a cvar. The next feature shown, and perhaps one of our biggest accomplishments in a long time was killstreaks, not only are these killstreaks available to you, but they can also be customized per map! So if for example you have a very large open flat terrain map where sentry guns are useless, you don't have to use them, in fact every killstreak is customizable including but not limited to the name, effect, how long it lasts, and how many kills it takes to attain it.

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Well, that covers everything we've shown you, but what haven't we shown you?

Not only have we created several new weapon models for Gunslinger's Academy, every single one of them is ingame now! no more ugly base weapons or gray and white untextured guns. Every gun also includes animations specific to the model. Now not only are all iron sights in their proper positions for aiming them accurately, they also actually move into their iron sights position instead of "popping" into position which looked very ugly if I do say so myself!

And now as a grand finale, let me announce something big: The second Gunslinger's Academy Open House! We will have multiple dates for this open house:
Wednesday, November 23rd @ 3PM US Eastern Time Zone
Thursday, November 24th @ 9PM US Eastern Time Zone
Friday, November 25th @ 10AM US Eastern Time Zone
Server IP:

On Tuesday, November 22nd, Patch 2.2d will be made live for a short period of time. We hope to see you all there!

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