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Major weapons update, SDK? You betcha!

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"The weapons database has been completely softcoded. What that means is that all of these can be modded without any code edits (however, client and server must have the same exact edits, otherwise it will desync):

- Fire Rate
- Damage
- Message on death ("was blasted by") (AKA method of death)
- What ammo a weapon uses
- What type of weapon it is (primary, sidearm, explosive or other)
- Firing Modes
- Accuracy Drain
- Limb Multipliers (IE explosives do uniform damage, but a sniper rifle does 2.3x damage to the head, etc)
- Maximum Ammo

Later, these will be implemented:

- Entirely new weapons (!!), allowing for basically an infinite weapon limit (as long as the file isn't too large)
- Control weapon model
- Control weapon icon
- Control ingame weapon name
- Control effects used
- Control weapon logic (ie, fire projectiles, or throw a bomb?)
- Much more...

This has a huge impact on the way that the game works. Modders can now take control of almost every aspect of the way weapons work, and shape the game to their desires." - Eezstreet

Speaking of weapons, it won't be long before fully skinned weapons start showing up in the mod, but theres an extremely evil I mean amazing twist to them, can't wait to reveal this to you guys! ~Silverfang

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