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Hey Everyone! Im proud to share the news that this has to be one of the last few news updates before I release Urizen "Frosty"...

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Hey there kids, yup sure looks like this may be the one last of the few news updates before I release Urizen Shadows of the Cold Deluxe "Frosty" Edition. The following are some of the things I had to complete before finishing...

The Darkwater boss I've worked on put still needs to be fully implemented. The cutscenes, we'll I need to get into rhythm. All the secret warriors have been post created and integrated to get.

frostymanR 1 romusbunnyswingaltR 1

Looks like the achievements have all been accounted for. The enemy update has not been worked, but I have made some more.

torsodeadR 0

I've drawn everything for the warriors, I just need to drop them into their placeholders. I also wanted to point out that I redid some more stages to my liking like a train desert stage, and Bloodgore's castle. Some backgrounds were also redone and they look amazing. I've also been working on a complete game-play manual.




Anyhow, why are we still feeling a little chilly. It's because Frosty is almost done.

Urizen has always been a passion of mine, if Frosty is successful or not, no one is going to persuade me to stop making games. So until I go blind or I become crippled I will continue to create. Happy warm summer.. ah I mean cold summer...yeah.

Thank You

Bloodshadow Games

John P.

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