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Thanks for all those people who left well thought criticism or review on this mod's page, the 82% rating is very good, i'm glad that many of you liked Endless Insomnia!

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Since no bugs or crashes reported i decided to move on from this mod, since i have no ideas for it any more, the maps are complete, so i won't release any patches, because it is not necessary. In my free time i'm now working on new custom stories and full conversion mods.

My first full conversion mod, packed with modern elements brings a new atmosphere to the original Amnesia - The Dark Descent maps, and for any chosen custom story also! Check it out it has already been released!
Upcoming projects:----------
DreamCube -
Slaughterhouse -

In the future i'm planning to create stories from Machine For Pigs elements, since there are lots of work put into that game, but some things spoiled the fun, but we can bring back old atmosphere to that game by creating custom stories with its elements!

A story driven, puzzle-solving story is in development as well as a demonstration one for Time Distortion. Then a small full conversion mod will be made, where you can play as a Grunt!

Keep look for new mods, i'm working on them! Make sure to check Time Distortion and my future projects, if you liked Endless Insomnia!

Demo playthrough:
Idestinia - , Gamer Kmik -
Final version playthrough:
AndrewAllStars - , TemiBlaster - , iN LovE!

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