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Hello! New update "Modulo" is available. You can get it right now!

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Update is about modulo operation this time. Modulo operation can be tricky. What is it actually? It is remainder of division basically. I will demonstrate it. 11 modulo 3 is 2. Why? Because 11 divided by 3 is 2 and reminder is 2.

Update adds 20 new puzzles into game. You can download it from Google Play or actualize game if you already have it.

And that's it. It is probably last update for Zeroes. I will have not enough time for creating new updates. Why? Because I am still student. My semester have started again already.

What can you expect from me in future? I will write game's postmortem definitely. I can say already, that I like Zeroes even after its release. It is not common for me. I started to hate my games shortly after their release usually. This didn't happen this time.

I also doesn't quit game development. I have voluntary course of creating video games this semester. It should teach me, how to make more technically impressive games. Outcome of this course should be some video game too.

I have idea for new game already. Do you like playing board games? I too. But when you pick some interesting, it have usually quite complicated rules that you have to know. You can solve it by playing some video game as Civilization. Computer knows all rules and plays by them. However you wanted to play some board game with friends or your family, not video game. Not everybody likes playing video games.

I have idea how to solve it. Every player can have tablet which will display all his cards or stats and player will be able to control game through it. Game board can be displayed on some big screen, TV for example. Tablets will handle all complex rules and it will not distract you too much from your friends as normal video game.

I like this idea, but I will not able to start to work on it until next summer probably. Maybe there will be the first HoloLens board games in that time. I think, that HoloLens are absolutely perfect for playing board games in artificial reality. Something like this:

Imagine that this is reality. Isn't it awesome?

If you would like to know, what I do, you can read my blog

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