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Tower Defense meets Lemming’s evil twin with a few new twists! It’s Politically Incorrect and Comically Mischievous FUN with a side dish of extinct flash-fried aviary meat… YUM!

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In a world where Dodos have reemerged and, furious about having been extinct, now threaten the planet with utter destruction! All that stands between us and the Dodo invasion are a few wacky traps, lava pits and an angry land-shark; it's up to you to save humanity from being overrun by hapless Dodos by any means necessary. Boots, bombs, bait and more are at your disposal, and perhaps you can even convince the hungry nearby plants and animals to join in your dirty work. Chain the Dodos from trap to trap, manage resources, outsmart the AI and earn achievements and medals as you strive to be the highest scoring Dodo assassin of all!

Inspired by Lemmings, Last March of the Dodos is a comical tower defense game with a few unique twists. With some "not-so-clever" AI, the game's enemy units (the Dodos) learn the types of traps that block their path to the exit and then reroute their march to avoid the player's schemes. Moreover, while most tower defense games feature mobile enemy units, each whom are trying to get from a starting point to an exit point, LMOTD presents a "crown" Dodo which all the other Dodos will follow. Therefore, during gameplay the player can manipulate the route of all enemy Dodos by just affecting the crown. The game also features physics-based unit collisions and launches which a player utilizes through the chaining of Dodos from trap to trap for big score multipliers and specific achievements.

Last March of the Dodos is the product of a group of graduate students (class of 2013) studying in the Master Games Studio at the University of Utah's Entertainment Arts & Engineering program (EAE). The game was one of three games that were selected for the student's final thesis projects and was developed over the course of a little more than two semesters.

Last March of the Dodos

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