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So someone wondered about that there is one GLA General Missing. Now i will reveal the missing General. His name is "Dr. Prof. Hernstein"

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The Story of Dr. Prof. Hernstein

It was the 3rd August 2034. Dr. Prof. Hernstein was a phyics genius in Germany. But he went mad in one of his crazy experiments with Timetraveling by getting hit from lightning. So he got in an clinic. In the same tame the GLA was loosing an important battle. For the last hope they sended an infiltration mission to free Hernstein and travel through time to win the battle and conquer the world.

The Infiltration Mission was a Success and Hernstein joined the GLA and builded up a Time Machine. But than something went terrible Wrong. A Worker fell over his new shoes and accendiantly put a leaver wich leaded the Energy to the Time Machine. With more Energy than needed Hernstein traveled to a different time than expected.

Now he was in Germany in the Year of 1933. Somehow he got a lot of information about secret projects and all plans about the Weapons of the Nazis. After getting this he traveld through time back to his future.

So Heinstein is a Mad Physics Genius with a lot of ressources and buildplans of even the secret weapons of Germany. Now he perfected the weapons and builded up his own army and fights for the GLA and for revenge.

So here are some basicly informations about Hernstein:
Name: Dr. Prof. Ernst Hernstein
Branch: GLA
Weapons: Old Nazi Technologies, later in Game Perfected Nazi Weapons.
Special Unit: "Walkyre" Heavy Assault Bomber
Superweapon: "Tesseract" Energy Beam


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