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I'm a silly person. There's only a handfull of bugs to fix before I can finally release 0.2 and what do I do? I add new features instead. So here's another Beta. Sorry about that. The Beta should be completely playable, though, in fact - at this point - I recommend the Beta over the last stable release.

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The Download

You can download the Beta here. As always it comes in an english and a german version.

So what's new?

Well, I should probably start by explaining a little what I previously did to the Drunken Master style, because the some of the new features build on top of that. If you've played my mod before, you can skip ahead, if you like...

Drunken Master

I like Drunken Master a lot and I did my best to make it more fun and more useful. For starters you don't need Hou in your party anymore to use this style. You can buy a bottle of wine at a store or from Hou himself and "carry" it with you until the next combat:

carrying a bottle of wine

As a quick reminder: Drunken Master consists of a bunch of tumbling and falling movements, that may look like they hurt yourself and not your opponents, but do quite the opposite:

fighting with drunken master

There's a timer that's threatening to run out. If it does, you've become too sober to use Drunken Master. Drinking more wine will restart the timer. If Hou were in your party, he'd continously throw wine bottles your way... But fortunately for you, your oppoenents appear to carry wine bottles with them as well. What a convenient coincidence! Once you've defeated them, they're yours:

picking up wine bottles

But the changes don't stop there: In vanilla Jade Empire you cannot level Drunken Master up, because it's "only" a temporary style. Well, it's obviously still a temporary style, but you can level it up now. You do so simply by using it. The longer you manage to stay in Drunken Master, the more drunk dangerous you become:

speed increase

So what's really new?

More booze

You can buy wine at a whole lot of stores now. In pretty much every area, you should find a merchant who sells it. Not only that: Their wine supply is infinite now. You can buy wine from the same merchant as many times as you like and he'll never run out.

You can also supply yourself: Remember those bottles enemies drop upon defeat? They used to disappear when the combat round was over. Now you can pick them up and carry them with you...

More Healing Items

The same stores that carry an infinite supply of wine, also carry an infinite supply of healing items now. Healing items give your character a regeneration rate for a certain time. In previous versions of my mod there was just one healing item: Reprieve. There are two more now: Cure and Heal. As you can probably guess from the names, the new items are a lot more potent...

A New Technique

And then there's also a new technique called the Ironclad Mind. This is a special reward for completing all bookset in the Jade Empire. It will reduce the Focus costs of all your weapon styles...

Give me some feedback, please

If you try this Beta and have an idea, what to improve, or if there's something you don't like, or if you - god forbid - find a bug, or if there's something you feel, I should know... post it in the forum please!

And don't forget to vote for my mod, if you like it!

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