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This post announces the latest update of German Fronts Mod. This post gives players a glimpse of the new French Army.

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Hello all!

A while ago I decided to go for historical accuracy... To accomplish that we had to reseach the battles won by Germany during those six years of the war. It was there I saw my chance to recreate one of my favorite fronts: the, somehow forgotten, Campaign of 1940. But there was a problem, since France, sadly, lost that campaign, most of WW2 games didn't included that army... So in order to make this small "dream" come true, we had to work a lot! Basically all the gear was created from zero, by Pcapaolo. We've also completely modified the huge battlechatter script and added dozens of battle chat lines for each soldier... So, yes, the French soldiers will speak their own language!

Here's a complete list with all the major modifications:

1) French Army

Besides the field tunic with the adrians helmet, there's also two officer combinations: Kepi with the field tunic (NCO) and captain with the adrians helmet. French language and weaponry, were also included.

2) New Weapons

a) MAS Modèle 1936

French bolt action rifle adopted its name from the plant it is produced at: Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-Etienne. 7.5mm caliber 5-round box. The model was extracted from 7554 by MCh2207Cz and Pcapaolo ported into COD2.

b) Thompson M1921

Submachine gun. .45ACP. The "Tommy Gun" was blow-back operated with a cyclic rate of 700 rounds per minute. The M1921 was fed by 50 drum magazines and generally issued to officers and NCOs. It also appears in larger amount in the North African campaign. Model by Arkan_Rais

c) Maschinengewehr 34

Maschinengewehr 34. 7.92mm LMG. Adopted for squad support roles by the German army in 1934. 7.92mm rifle cartridge belt or drum fed. 900 rounds per minute. Effective range of 1000 meters. Model from B2F Mod

d) Lewis Gun M1914

A WWI era machine gun, straight from the blood-soaked mud of the trenches. During World War 2, Lewis machine-guns saw action again, mainly in 1941–1942 years. Employed by UK, they were used to compliment the lack of Bren guns. The weapon was fed with pan magazines of two types - 47 and 97 rounds. Model from B2F Mod

3) New Maps

a) Angoville (Level design by Soulwax):

b) Hedgerow Siege (Level design by Soulwax):

Goodbye, and Gott Mit Uns!!!


One of the best incoming mods, increible!!!

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Мод реально крутой!Когда выйдет ?

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