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A lot of big changes and fixes as always. Hacking changed to skill based instead of RNG based. Also added new camera effects to improve the picture quality of the game.

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Hacking Overhaul

Hacking has been changed to a mini-game instead of the RNG Dos window. Player will need to unlock layers of security consecutively to succeed the hack. Higher Amplify Stat helps reduce the number of layers you need to bypass.

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Signal booster has been changed to signal disruptor and will instead prevent hacking drones from coming when you fail your next hack. Additionally hacking drone incoming range has been extended by 200%.

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We’ve gotten a lot of feedback on the hacking and we feel making it skill based as opposed to RNG based was the right approach. Now players who have been practicing on their fishing will find the hacking more practical.

Visual Improvements:

Added post-processing effects, This include anti-aliasing, minimal motion blur, a miniscule of graining, a tad of color grading, and a dash of bloom. If you or your computer doesn’t like them, you can turn them off in the settings in-game.

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Also changed ocean to light blue color. Some may wonder why not that deep dark blue. Well we tried and it just doesn’t look that well. I guess you could say it doesn’t look that great in real life either, so we picked something that would add better contrast with other objects and make exploring more accessible.

Equipment Stat Scaleback

All equipment stats have been changed. Significantly nerfing primary components and buffing secondary components. This scale back is intended to prepare for the great loot overhaul as well as custom boats coming 0.36. Soon loot and crafting recipes will also be scaled back as well in the future.

So let’s get to the Notes

Patch Notes:

- Text size of Tutorials expanded

- Drinking and driving returns the bottle

- HUDs are click and draggable, put them wherever however you like!

- Gun wield changed to z from f, player will no longer disarm when using doors

- Fixed savegame recognition. There was a problem when players would manually manipulate the save datas in the folder knocking the ids out of order. Game will automatically reorder if moved out of order now.

- Added wood ash text

- Removed Salter Lab “Breath of Cthulhu” mechanism, well reintroduce at a later time.

-Added makeshift batteries text

- Refined boat colliders some more, so players can shoot near the exterior hull

- Crafting times reduced for building parts and processed parts to 2 seconds from 5 seconds

- Sound effects added for opening and closing loot containers

- Loot containers will now display “empty” once player has looted and comes back to it

- Achievements now working, finally, sorry about the long delay

- Turtle delivery loot now has sound effect

- Repair sound added when player repairs the boat

- Trade merchants are now properly spawning on their rafts

- Sound effects added to items when they move between storage and inventory, vice versa

- Backend clean-up for the HUDs so they would align better when resizing

- Clicking on craft max would calculate part of the ingredients, this is no longer the case and looks to make sure you have all the ingredients

- Minimap Icons added for orcas, sharks, wasters, and salters

- Orcas no longer get stuck in town, they are affected by the creature deterrent as well

- Alternative A.D.S. Harpoon ammo added. They can be researched and crafted. Press and hold “R” while in the A.D.S. suit to bring up a radial menu where you can click on the ammo you wish to use. The default ammo is still unlimited but will be changing over time. We just need to get some gameplay data.

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- Screen turns black and white when the player reaches below 20% health

- Adjusted lightings on sunsets to persist until the moon gets to higher position where it can project its light on the entirety of the scene.

- Giant worm now despawns over time, so if it falls on you and traps you, just wait until it despawns

- Rafts that sink instead of being destroyed will now count towards the contract totals

- Missing buoys fixed. This was caused by the buoyant forces propelling the buoys into space after reappearing in the scene.

- Confirm amount shows total amount

- Engine now consumes less fuel while idle

- Hydro turrets will no longer shoot at objects far away underwater

- Take all button added to the storage

- Dive Suits and Merchant Interactions are now working properly

- Contracts no longer bug out and change the logs on relog. This was caused by an error. So players may have experienced other problems with the game after uncovering this bug. It’s fixed now, so any problems stemming from it would be fixed as well. Issue originally came from when players collected contract rewards.

- All Standard equipment (Separate from waster and salter) have had their tech point requirements reduced by 40%

Notes: UI is starting to get a lot less clunky, looting materials will feel a bit easier now. There’s still a stickiness with the “F” key and that is because we use it as multiple keybinds, We are looking at changing some hotkeys around to get rid of the stickiness once and for all.

Notes 2: 0.35 Experimental 2 is coming out later today. It will feature the same thing as Patch 6, except it will have the Leviathan enabled, so be ready for that guys ;) 1 more week before the big update! Are you guys ready hunt down sperm whales, mega sharks, and leviathans? I know I am!

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