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We have released our new game Landeraid for Alpha testing. Who would like to take a part in it?

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Hey folks,

Happy to announce that after 2 months of part-time development we have finally managed to push forward an alpha version of our cherished game Landeraid!

It's free, no advertisement, no pay-to-play either.
We're looking forward to your feedback, so if you'd like to join the alpha test - here's the link:
Google Group Alpha Test

The game is an arcade puzzle for Android mobile devices inspired by the old arcade games!
We offer a fresh look at the retro mechanic of landing the lunar module.


Now, every single part of your ship serves a different purpose:
- the engines move you around and rotate your shuttle
- the radar supports you with useful messages and glyph icons
- the manipulator grabs various items like boxes, explosives, mines...
- the legs provide additional protection and allow for easier landing.

There are different ways to accomplish the same task, various possible playstyles and a lot of fun for you to discover!


Would you like to find out how to turn your usual cargo boxes into a weapon?
How to make your enemies work for you?
Sneak behind unsuspecting foes?
Perform crazy landings with your ship?
Are you ready?
Then, welcome to Landeraid!


Disclaimer: We sincerely assure you that your identity won't be revealed to the other group participants, no spam messages shall be sent as well. If any of those activities are happening to you - please, write as back about this, and we'll do our best to prevent it from ever occurring again.

Have fun!

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