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This is the last step this mod will have ever taken, see for yourself all the new features this mod includes..

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Wow, I got so much to add in this post my head is about to seriously hurt.
I'll just get to the most important points on the mod to keep things clean and on-track.

A lot of people said: Why no co-op?

The answer to this is the main focus of the mod. And whilst playing co-op is a really enjoyable experience, it wasn't doable with the tools we're given. It is also a lot of work as it is, we wouldn't want the Kismet acting drunk, and crashing at any given moments. As you've might heard, Gears of War isn't modifiable except for maps.



First of all the biggest change is the USER INTERFACE (after map load) that is available for the player to use with the mouse cursor. From the main screen you will see 3 options, the first one starting from the left is Elite, both the first and second options are CHALLENGES, challenges to complete for fun. Then the player are given the option to CUSTOMIZE their game a bit.

People suggested a option to remove the wretches so I added this. You can adjust the player count, player/enemy/allies lives as you like in the given options. Once the player has decided he will be choosing faction. Obviously, the good old COG vs Locust.

Then comes the little eye candy thing I've been working on. CHARACTER SELECTION SCREEN. In this screen is a fake scenery of both COG and Locust hometowns with a few emitters and respective lighting to bring it alive. Every time you click on a character portrait, it works as you'd expect it.

That's just for the user interface.

Regarding the NEW CHARACTERS/IMPROVEMENTS is Tai, Dizzy, Kantus and Palace Guard. Tai and PG were both in L3 but they got majorly improved in LG. Especially the PG.

The AI IMPROVEMENTS, They're not just here waiting for you to kill them. This was completely revamped. They now react to your approaches, meaning melee is a harder approach, you have to becareful about approaching them in any situations. To make it fair enough, I've given them a 50% chance to break cover when you're nearing them.

is now an option. However I wanted to stick with the "if-player-dbno=it-dies" concept to keep it challenging. Reviving your teamates on Supreme challenge is a must.

-- More info soon! --

Download should be up soon, it just needs approval from the mods here. :)


thx for all the great effort to make gears1 pc bot match mod so enjoyable...

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Thanks, sir, for creating this wonderful mod.Thanks for your time spent to entertain us!

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