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Announcing the results of our second mapping competition, Back To The Roots!

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With both ModDB and LambdaGeneration in partnership, the second in a set set of competitions was started in early July. After a month of mapping, judging, and scoring, the results of LambdaBuilds' second competition, Back To The Roots, are now available!

NOTE: A copyright troll is claiming royalty free music featured in the 4th place entry, Wardust. Streamers/Lets Players - please mute your in-game music prior to playing this entry to avoid your video being claimed. This warning will be removed once the false copyright claim has been resolved.

Entrants had four weeks to design a map that refreshed a classic from any Valve-published Goldsrc era title. Points were awarded based on the visual fidelity, gameplay mechanics, and adherence to the theming.

We had a total of eleven eligible entries which were a great walk down memory lane of some classic Goldsrc Gold! The winners are as follows:

1st Place: Surface Tension, by Akos223

Back To The Roots - Surface Tension

Gordon must fight trough the combine and get the secret energy source.

2nd Place: La Habana Libre, by Coralilac

Back To The Roots - La Habana Libre

An unknown rebel sympathizer must disable two combine transmission towers
located in a nearby courtyard, in order to loosen their grip on the city.

3rd Place: Xen Again, by lambda

Back To The Roots - Xen Again

A familiar Xen experience, with a slightly modernized twist.

Congratulations to the winners! LambdaGeneration will be in touch to distribute your prizes and all winners will receive a role personalised to their placement on both the Discord and Website!

The remaining eight entrants are as follows:

4th Place: Wardust, by The One Epicplayer

Back To The Roots - Wardust

Push through the enemy lines of an Italian village, force the Reich's retreat.

5th Place: Tense Surface, by jankkhvej

Back To The Roots - Tense Surface

The player must navigate a warehouse filled with tripmines and fight the combine.

6th Place: Civanti 17, by Arbabf

Advance up an urban landscape to capture a Combine facility.

7th Place: We've Got Combine, by Dmitron

The Combine has time travelled back to Black Mesa. They have invaded the facility
and it is now Gordons mission to stop them before they can take over.

8th Place: Precious Cargo, by SwagGCP

Back To The Roots - Precious Cargo

A resistance base has been invaded by the Combine, and its occupants have either been killed or trapped in cargo containers. Dr. Freeman must rescue the imprisoned rebels and find a captive who can help escape.

9th Place: Apprehension, by Wikot235

Back To The Roots - Apprehension

Assassin fight arena. Assassins are replaced with combine soldiers.

10th Place: C1A2C: Revisited, by tacticalcheetodust

Back To The Roots - C1A2C: Revisited

A reimagining of the iconic meat freezer from Office Complex, complete with vents,
a cart of sorts, and pants (that were dead) (they are relevant, I promise).

11th Place: Black Mesa Laser Tag Arena, by Marvius

Back To The Roots - Black Mesa Laser Tag Arena

What if Black Mesa turned their storage facilities into a laser tag arena?

Thanks to all who entered and we hope you enjoy playing the competition as much as we enjoyed creating it! Stay tuned on this page for more competitions in the future!

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