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Beta 2.3.1 of Lambda Wars (formerly HL2 Wars) is here, with two new maps, CPU difficulty settings, and more!

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Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.1 is now available for download! The latest update to the Lambda Wars public beta features two new maps, hlw_aurora and hlw_slumdoll which are both large 8 player 4v4 multiplayer maps, as well as CPU opponent difficulty levels, game balance changes and several important bug fixes that should resolve the problems some of you have had running the mod.

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alternate mirror: Lambda Wars Beta 2.3.1

Don't forget to for vote us in Mod of the Year 2013 (there is only one day left!) and of course on Steam Greenlight!

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Lambda Wars 2.3.1 changes
Improvements and Balance:
* Added easy difficulty option to CPU Players
* Channel bars are no longer visible to enemies
* Strider Dark Energy Cannon ability must now be unlocked at the Combine Armory
* Rebel Saboteur C4 Explosive ability must now be unlocked at the Rebel Munition Depot
* Reduced build time Combine Observer from 35 to 20 seconds
* Better visualization of rally lines
* Changing unit selection while targeting an ability now cancels the ability (if applicable)
* Rebel Engineer can no longer place combine mines (except in Overrun)

* ADDED: hlw_aurora
* ADDED: hlw_slumdoll
* UPDATED: hlw_mine
* UPDATED: hlw_abandoned (navigation mesh changes)
* UPDATED: hlw_camp (minor details)
* UPDATED: sp_radio_tower

* High CPU load on map start due the deferred lighting changes
* Deferred lighting mode is now disabled on low system settings
* Health bars (and other progress bars) are now drawn after post screen space effects, preventing unit glow from being drawn above the health bars
* Added missing weapon switch abilities to Overrun versions of Combine Elite and Rebel Veteran
* Swarm Keeper gamemode showing up in gamelobby after playing the bonus map
* Being able to place buildings/objects at unreachable locations by the builder

Unit Navigation:
* Improved resolving blocked situations

* Mountable turrets now use a different fire sound than regular turrets
* Move and hold position sounds for Combine Scanner/Observer

* Added missing Steam icon
* Removed _sqlite3 Python module because it causes a false positive on Norton virus scanner (and is only needed in the developer build)
* Removed cheat flag from cl_strategic_cam_delta_snap and added archive flag (player camera related setting)

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