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Unboxing photos of a 3D printed Korghan from test run of GamePrint. Fantastic!

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This box was much bigger than expected!

IMG 20171205 105047

Packed with care!

IMG 20171205 105100

There's Korghan down there. First glance, fantastic!

IMG 20171205 105114

There's the base. Temple level with tufts of grass added!

IMG 20171205 105145

The model is about 7" tall.

IMG 20171205 105429

Captured from in-game modeled, looks like there was some modeling touch up work, 3D printed, hand assembled and painted.

IMG 20171205 105647

Facial detail really holds up.

IMG 20171205 105728

Conceivably, we could make any Hero or Boss with any pose. A custom model like this will probably cost about $200. Would you be interested in buying one, if so tell us what would be exciting to you?

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