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Information about Left 4 Deads: Crash Course, Left 4 Dead 2: Xbox campaigns, Left 4 Dead 2: Demo as well as information about website development, and the next episode release.

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We at the Survivors Diary were under the impression that the new Left 4 Dead campaign: Crash Course was set to be released on Wednesday, this is down to internet rumours though. But as it turns out Crash Course is set to be released on Tuesday September 29th, so we will have to wait another week for this campaign.

One of our scheduled events was thus put off as we arranged to have a versus game the day following, however due to this change in events i have rescheduled the event for Wednesday September 30th. It will be first come first serve so if you want in come early. More information about this event can be found here: Forum | Facebook | Steam

Left 4 Dead 2: XBox Custom Campaigns

Due to how Xbox Live is set up, Valve cannot actually port the Left 4 Dead 2 Mods and Campaigns made on the PC to Xbox players for free. But it would really like to, so the answer that it’s come up with is to get people to pay for the campaigns on the Xbox but the money is to go to the makers of the actual mods and not Valve.

So Valve are considering making the most popular campaigns available to Xbox players. This is a brilliant idea and gives Valve more awesome points despite the fact it lost a few after releasing L4D2 a year after the first one. But it’s getting those points back by being what Valve is… awesome.

So hopefully we at the Survivors Diary can get something made and then use the money to fund the website and servers.

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Left 4 Dead 2: Demo

Did anyone pre-order Left 4 Dead 1? Well we did and we were treated to an early release of the game demo than those who did not. It looks like Valve are repeating this with Left 4 Dead 2, those who pre-order Left 4 Dead 2 will get the demo on October 27th and, if you order at you will also recieve a free in-game baseball bat.

I did a quick check to find that you cannot yet pre-order the demo on steam, but i am hoping that the same deal is available when it does come to steam.

For those who do not pre-order you will have to wait until November 10th.

Some other stuff

Okay, so me and Soul are working on the first episode of the new podcast right now, i am just taking a break to organise the stuff. It will be out on Monday, we have not recorded it just yet and there is a lot left to do before we can actually start recording it. So as soon as i am finished with this then i will get onto sorting some more stuff out for it.

With regards to the new website. I am planning to release the new website and forum with the new episode. I was going to do it this wednesday but i thought that i’d do it all in one go so that you are treated to a brand new episode and a brand new website all in one go. How’s that?


cool. I'm still waiting to pre order l4d2 on steam

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