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The new version was released! Now you can play maul with double-bladed ;)

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What's new in v1.6
1:added Darth Maul's double-bladed Crystal (last of Crystal list)
2:added animations for Darth Maul
3:added 3 type of Darth Maul
3:fix counter attack bug.
4:added Vader's parry missile action
5:added 13 type of lightsaber hilts and Make most of custom characters use their own hilt.
6:added Master Starkiller
7:added General Starkiller
8:added White Armor
9:added Temple Exploration Gear
10:added Cybernetic Reconstruction
11:Adjust some character's materials definition
12:Adjust Core destruction trial Challenge (you will see the leia,kota,two type of maul in this challenge)
13:added QuiGon and Maul Icon in the costumes list

How to Install
1:uninstall the older version(if you use the v1.4 or v1.5,you just need uninstall.if you used before v1.4,you need restore to orignal files)
2:copy all files (AssetCatalog_TFU2.txt,pak0.lp,pak1.lp,setup.bat) to the game folder (C:\Program Files\Star wars The Force unleased II)
3:run setup.bat

How to Uninstall
1:copy uninstall.bat and AssetCatalog_TFU2.txt_orignal to the game folder(C:\Program Files\Star wars The Force unleased II)
2:run uninstall.bat

Q:How to use the Darth Maul with double-bladed
A:select "Darth Maul (Double-bladed lightsaber & Mual's action)" in the costumes list,and select "maul double bladed" in lightsabers list.

Q:Is the mod compatable for PS3 or X360
A:No! this mod is only for the PC version (Steam version may be need manual install this mod or use the original swtfu2.exe file)!

Q:When I installed this mod, the game is crash! why?
A:please don't install SWTFU2 1.1 patch,because this patch was add checksum for the DLC file,I change these file, so the game crash!

Q:How to manual install this mod?
A:copy my AssetCatalog_TFU2.txt to game root folder replace the same name file,
goto LevelPacks folder, rename pak3.lp to pak5.lp,pak2.lp to pak4.lp,pak1.lp to pak3.lp,
pak0.lp to pak2.lp,and copy my pak0.lp,pak1.lp to LevelPacks folder. all over!

mod list:
QuiGon Jinn
Mace Windu
Obi Wan
Plo Koon
Kit Fisto
Ben kenobi
Ki Adi Mundi
Anakin Skywalker
Luke Jedi
Darth Maul (Double-bladed lightsaber & Mual's action)
Darth Maul (Double-bladed lightsaber & One saber action)
Darth Maul (One saber)

Darth Sion
Count Dooku
Sith Assassin
Hooded Robe
Sith Lord Armor
Desert Survival Gear
Sith Robe
Jedi Adventure Robe
Kento's Robe
Light Training Gear
Heavy Training Gear
Master Starkiller
General Starkiller
White Armor
Temple Exploration Gear
Cybernetic Reconstruction

Baron Tarko
RahmKotaArena (Kota in the Neimoidia)
Jedi General (Kota actions)
Darth Vader
Damaged Vader
Juno Eclipse
Proxy Damaged

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Maul has 2 double bladed sabers, how to make him have only one?

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