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Just released this morning, it is my first skin pack and hopefully will not be my last. I hope you enjoy, thanks for trying my skins!

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Today I embarked on a journey to create custom skins for Marcus and Ed. I have finally completed the journey and have arrived here with a completed version 1 of my skin pack!
This version 1 includes 7 skins:

Marcus has 4 skins:
Ben, Clay, Custom Marcus, and Danny
Ben is a Soldier type skin
Clay is a hick or country type skin
Custom Marcus is Marcus in a wife beater
Danny is a custom skin with the shark hoodie on

Ed has 3 skins:
Alec, Blake, Custom Ed
Alec is a Soldier type skin
Blake is just a custom white dude with a beanie and t-shirt on
Custom Ed is Ed with different clothes

Here is the a link to the most current version 1.5
Here is a link to update v1.5 if you already have v1

P.S. Sorry for some reason I can't get the upload to work on moddb :(

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