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The new update brings players closer to the 1.6 feeling by adding a CS1.6 model and sound set. World Records competition is really a big thing right now with close to 50 new demos released every few days.

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ObsessionSoft updates Kreedz Climbing to version 1.2 which fixes, like the unannounced 1.1 update a great deal of minor bugs and adds a few fan desired features. The game is now perfectly smooth with this new version for online play and the World Records competition has begun. Players from all over the world are competing against each other trying to get the fastest time on any of "KZmod's" 283 map courses.

Here are few screenshots of some of the newer maps.

kz_highwire kz_hillside

kz_linejump kz_mars

We have a large amount of mappers presently making custom maps or converting maps from CSS or CS1.6 to KZmod so there is a constant flow of new challenges coming your way on a regular basis.

A very special addition to the game, if you are a nostalgic fan of the kz scene in CS 1.6, is the ability to exchange the Source knife and USP models with those of Counter-Strike. We have also allowed exchanging the Hatchet model with the AWP, which is a heavier model used for trickjumpers. Not only did we add the models, you can also choose to hear all the ground and pain sounds from CS 1.6 sound set instead of the dynamic Source sounds. You can now REALLY feel like you are playing a graphically updated and smoother CS1.6 in Kreedz Climbing. Join in the competition and feel right at home! We are releasing up to 50 new World Record demos every 2 days. The croud goes wild!

To download a full installer or an update patch from 1.0 to 1.2 (1.1 is included in this patch) simply visit our website: Kreedz Climbing Game Files
Please note that you do NOT require a Valve game to play this full conversion mod. For install instructions have a look at this link: KZmod Installation Guide

Enjoy the game!

Ozi - - 84 comments

I remember I played loads of kz_ in cs 1.6. So, anyone play this mod?

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Nemesisurvivorleon - - 259 comments

I played this mod. It was cool. Played climbing mods since Quake II. Kreedz Climbing in hl2 doesn't have the corner-jump feature that quake 2 has though...

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KnifeKitty - - 225 comments


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skyhot004 - - 11 comments

Did this mod just reborn?

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Sharkz - - 131 comments

Been playing 1.2 and love it so much. Any chance of updating the Desura install to make it easier to get friends on?

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blackcat3 - - 2 comments

a program through which the game made?

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-SoUlFaThEr- Author
-SoUlFaThEr- - - 106 comments

Kreedz Climbing was never off developement. We have been continuously developing it for 7 years. We are not modeled after anything but the jumping, bhopping and surf commmunity on CS1.6 and not quake, hence whatever that corner jump is seems missing. KZmod has a great deal more to offer than just the 3 aforementioned "disciplines" too :) We also offer over 150 maps that contain close to 320 courses so you could probably play through Skyrim about 4 times before seeing everything there is to see in KZmod :D Check it out.

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Trempler - - 662 comments

For me the mod crashes on Startup what do i miss ? Plz Help !

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