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An update to the game, fixing several bugs and adding new features for moviemakers.

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Hello everyone! It's been quite a while since an update to KZMod, I've had lots of university work to do.

I've taken a break from that work though after seeing the plight of moviemakers and the extremely annoying first person demo ducking bug. It's been a long journey, but finally the bug is fixed. Coming in this update is a lot of fixes and some new addition for moviemakers.

It was necessary to raise the ducking view height by 5 units. This means that in some vents, the view would clip into the top, so now when entering a vent your view will duck down further to the original view height. Some people who have tested complained about this, and I remind everyone that a feature is not set in stone if the game's community hates it, but I ask you to have an open mind, I actually like it! It's in my opinion a small price to pay to achieve smooth ducking animations in first person.

No movement or collisions have changed in this update. It's purely a visual change of 5 units.

Make sure you run KZUpdate.bat in the KreedzClimbing folder or your update shortcut to update the game.


Bugs fixed:

-> Fixed the ducking glitch in demos, which made ducking in air glitchy. Also eliminated the duck glitch in normal gameplay entirely.

In order to have this fix, the normal ducked view height had to be raised by 5 units. The player ducks fully to the original height if the view can't fit properly into vents and so on. This is a visual change, movement and collision boxes have not been changed.

Normally this would break demos, but the game will detect if the demo is old (from before this change) and revert the height to the old level, stopping the demo from breaking when watching it.

-> Fixed demos locking key inputs which made you move uncontrollably once loading a map after viewing a demo.

-> Fixed the player with demo_thirdperson_enable 1 sometimes flickering to
a new aim direction randomly.

-> Fixed game freeze when using certain parented objects, like doors.

-> Fixed crouch climbing on ladders being too fast.

-> Fixed pressing the chat keys with hud_draw 0 or cl_drawhud 0 making the console and main menu unusable.

-> Hopefully fixed the rare instance where playermodels of other players were constantly looking in the wrong direction.

New features:

-> r_skybox is no longer classified as a cheat, but still requires cheats or playing a demo. This means that players messing with sv_cheats in their demo won't turn your greenscreen off.

-> Added r_clearcolour_ series commands. These are intended for moviemakers, allowing them to easily use the greenscreening technique.

r_clearcolour: Sets the colour the void will be rendered if you can see it (instead of the "hall of mirrors") effect. Uses a RGB value, i.e. 0 255 0 for green.

r_clearcolour_enabled: Enables the void colouring. If you expose the void, for example by using r_skybox 0, you will find it the solid colour you specified.

r_clearcolour_viewmodel: Stops rendering the world and entities, and only renders the viewmodel on the clearcolour background.

r_clearcolour_playeronly: Stops rendering the world and entities, and only renders players on the clearcolour background:

1 - Only renders the local player (demo_thirdperson_enable 1).
2 - Renders the local player and all other players.
3 - Renders just other players, not the local player.

-> Fixed demos being locked to the original fov used by the recorder (can now use your own with demo_useoriginalfov 0).

-> Demos now show the build they were recorded on when you play them.

-> r_drawviewmodel is no longer a cheat.

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