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I just noticed I could read reviews here, and I think I should clarify some things, because I feel a bit ashamed that I released this, as I'm not even satisfied with it myself.

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This is a custom story I started making two years ago, but I got burnt out of making, so I stopped midways, because I didn't feel it was as good as I wanted it to be, and it was tiring, but it's been annoying me ever since that I never finished it, so I decided one day that I would wrap it up and at least just make it possible to finish it.

My idea with it was making something a bit different, that didn't just follow the standard formula. There is a story here, that I've tried to convey trough enviromental storytelling, but I really made it far too unclear, so I'll update the description to make it at least a little easier to understand. Basically you're in hell, and the whole thing is really just you going through memories of why you're there. This is why the levels are unconnected and really out of place with each other, so that is intentional. Unfortunately I'm not good at level design, so the puzzles and levels themselves were honestly quite bad, which I tried to make up for by making them pretty and with good scripting, which I hope I succeeded in.

I expected low scores and I knew it wasn't top notch when I released it, it was really just to prove to myself that I could finish it and get it out of my mind. I'm positively surprised by the reviews, though!

When staring at the corpse at the beginning, you're supposed to move over to the body, which will trigger another event. And when you get to the first level again after the water place, you're supposed to go up to the door at the opposite wall of the one were the key is.

So yeah, this is just me trying to save some face, and I do apologize that my work isn't as good as it should be :)

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