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Finally Kill Craft 2 is going to be published in desura. The game is still WIP.

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>>>>> Kill Craft 2

I'm happy to anounce that the Kill Craft 2 will be published in Desura!
Kill Craft 2 is zombie survival game with block style characters, fimiliar to minecraft. The goal main goal is to survive as long as possible. To surive you need to gather resources, upgrade weapons, build defence systems and obviously kill zombies. The game is still WIP.




Early_Beta 3:
- Zombies stay on ground longer. Zombie meat can be harvested by beating the corpses.
- Adjusting zombie stats.
- Adjusting weapon stats.
- Fixing multiplayer revive.
- Removing commands.
- Adding control settings.
- Adding zombie sounds.
- Adding night time music.
- Fixing multiplayer zombies movement delay.
- Fixing multiplayer Day-Night cycle starting.
- Adding farts back!
- Fixing container bug (sometimes you can't move items due to the rect coordinates)
- Fixing runes.
- Making new furnace system and furnace particles.
- New third-person camera. ( you can move while on 3rd person )
- Adding harvestables. ( Berry bush etc.)
- Fixing container bug. Now items taken from container will stack.
- Adding steel dust and bronze dust.

Early_Beta 4:
- New map.
- Trees fixed.
- etc...


Early_Beta 5 :
- Bugs fixed.
- Critical hits have particle effect now.
- Ores are marked on the map.


Estimated release date : 28-29 .12.2013

Beta 1.0 :

- New map design.

  • Smaller
  • More details

- Special modes

  • Winter mode. Freezing mobs. Turns terrain grass into snow and also starts raining snow.
  • Inferno mode. Infernal mobs. Fire bursts from the ground randomly.

- FPS increase. Much more zombies with less lag.
- New zombies.
- New weapons :

  • Land mines.
  • Raygun.

- More items.
- Added workbench. You must have workbench in order to craft anything.
- Mobs display health after getting hit.
- New Buff/Debuff effects display.
- Bug fixes.

- Added Mac and Linux versions!

Beta 1.1 :

- New zombies and zombie models.
- Adding specialities to skilltable.

- Adding new special modes

  • Darkness mode. Ghostly mobs. Everything is dark and scary.
  • Harrowing rain mode. Mutant mobs. Turns terrain grass into mud and also starts raining water.

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The game is about surviving waves of zombies.
Because fighting zombies with fists is not very effective, you have to gather resources from the map or buy them from shop with reward money which you get from killing the zombies. There is a wide variety of items you can craft or buy, including weapons like Sword, Crossbow, Glock19, MP5 and RPG7. Remeber that this is ALPHA state, there will be more content. Download and Play ALPHA for free!

Kill zombies, earn cash. Buy, Craft and Build stuff!


Over 108 000 downloads.

Buy KillCraft 2 now !


ALPHA is for windows only. (sorry mac and linux users)

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Awww... You were ment to fall on your way to desura.. :( DESURA oh, DESURA, WHY YOU FAILED ME!?

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qual é a recomendação de idade?

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