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Let's talk about some notes of our Kickstarter process and thoughts about character progression in Crisential

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Hey guys/girls!

We would like to talk about our Kickstarter Campaign's progress so far. It's been 3 days since we started it, and actually everything goes as its planned. We have a little problem about reaching potential "Essence Masters" at the moment, but we are sure it will be ok in few days.

About character progression, as i said before, our key feature in Crisential is freedom. Of course, that includes character progression subject too .

We didn't want to make players " have to " choose certain ways ( or classes ) and for example cannot use X weapon because they selected Y for their character progress. So we thought something like, if you want to do it, well, go for it. If you want to equip a giant sword, you can basicly do it, but like real life, if you dont have an idea how to use it, then you cannot use it properly. But don't understand that wrong, if you countinue to use it, you will learn proper ways of that spesific weapon. Class? Doesn't matter. Stats? No. Do you want it? Yes the important part of our system is this question. You can do basicly EVERYTHING.

There are some " kind of classes " under the factions' rankings. So if you choose a faction and become a Gunslinger, you will learn how to basics of that spesific way of ranking, but that doesn't change the Freedom Rule. You can still go for anything you want, it's just changing your already learnt skills in that way.

Thanks for your support guys, don't forget to look at our Kickstarter campaign and help us make Crisential the number one REAL OPEN-WORLD. SANDBOX game ever.

You can check out our campaign at , PayPal Link activated too ! :3

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