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In our latest Kickstarter update - We talk about the Core Combat you will be able to experience in the Pre-alpha Combat Tech Demo.

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Hello again IndieDB

Tonight we're focusing on violence with our latest update on Kickstarter. Remember the Pre-Alpha Combat Tech Demo is available to backers of any tier upon successful completion of the Kickstarter. To pledge and support our Kickstarter please click here

Eden Star gives you the power to destroy things in all manner of creative and brutal ways, using Eden Star’s signature weapon, the Remote Manipulation Device, also known as ‘The Tool’.

Various makes and types of RMD Tool exist in the Eden Star Universe, created by different Corporations, and come standard issue for all elite Citadel Nations Pioneers. Because each RMD contains a minute shard of Teslinium to amplify its power, this makes each Pioneer an incredibly important and deadly asset, and economics demands they be deployed either individually or in small fire teams.

The RMD enables a single Pioneer to maintain combat superiority in battle with many foes. By using basic abilities such as the concussive blast and grab/throw for crowd control, multiple enemies can be kept at bay whilst priority targets take focus for serious damage.

As a Pioneer reigns down consecutive attacks on an enemy the Tool is able to learn key weaknesses of the target, absorbing power and enabling the Pioneer to leverage Teslinium fuelled abilities such as the powerful sustained blast and crush.

The RMD is designed to be modular and be easily adapted to add or change many functions, including projectiles such as explosive and implosive upgrades, personal shields, underslung railguns, and more.

In the Pre-Alpha Combat Demo, we are especially proud of the smash mechanic (although currently in its basic form). With the final smash mechanic delivered as an option for core combat, we aim to give the player a sensation of power and gesture controlled movement that works well in combination with destructible environments and deformable enemies.

Thanks for reading, and stay in touch for more updates!

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