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A Spoiler rewarding your Patience. Feel free to Follow APEXARENA If you want some details on the Upcoming KickStarter Campaign.

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Hello Everyone,

A little Spoil Rewarding your patience.


  • Built-in Tournaments:

In the APEXARENA Everyone (every days) will be able to live the reality of a tournament, enter The Brackets and reach The Final. Best overall Tournaments will have Different rhythms, Types and Categories;

To be sure you will have Competitions which respect Your Rhythm, 3 will be available:

  • Rush: All the Matchs of the Tournaments are in a raw. So you Fight as much as you can until to or to be Eliminated.

  • Daily: This time you will be able to participate to only 1 Tournaments per Days. You Know in advance at which time it’s Start. When the Fight is over You can take a break, the next one will be Next Day (And not Before). Perfect if you don’t have a lot of time everyday but still want to Enter Tournaments. And it respect the Same Rhythm than Most of Modern Sport.

  • Daily Deal: A perfect mix between Rush and Daily, you are available 1 or 2 Hours per day ? So the Daily Deal fist perfectly to you. In this Tournament there is a Precise number of match who in a row. When you reached the Limit you will get the next match the following Day.

You may think that Daily and Daily deal can imply a problem about the Start of the Battle the Next Day. No worries Fix are already planned and it’s you who will vote the one you prefer.

Not a specialist of 1 on 1 ? No worries Finally a TBT which offer a True diversity of battles with at least 4 Different Types. Allowing every Members of the Community, to finally enjoy Their own Tactic:

  • Duel “1 on 1”

  • Team-Up “2 on 2”, A true Team based TBT battle.

  • Third Legion “1 on 1 on 1”

  • Escape the Hill “1 on 1 on 1 on 1”

  • Save the Trolley: It’s the first Variant where eliminate the opponent Army will not bring Victory and those which are not so good Tactician may have a Bigger Chance. (Other Variant may be available depending the success Kickstarter Campaign)

Furthermore There is 4 Categories of Tournaments, to make sure you will be able to participate to the one which will bring you the expecting Reward:

  • Casual: Well-known, Train you, Take a Break.

  • Build Your Army: And How would we have our Dream Army if we can not Get the Squads that we want First (In addition of the Base Army, that everyone will have) ? Build Your Army Is a Category which will will features additional Squads as reward. You will see what you can earn In advance and if you reach the Top Position, You get it. Allowing you to Build an Army which fist with your style and Bringing a Collectible aspect Without the collectible mess.

  • Rookie Stack/APEXARENA: The Built-In Championships. No one never get the opportunity to become World Champion so simply. As easy that “Let’s go” you will all be able to Climb the Ladder of the Championship and Show You are the best. Each Stage of Tournaments bring a number of Points, each time you reach one you will earn it and they will Count toward the 3 month seasonal World Championship Leader-board. At the End of each Seasons we will know who is the APEXCHAMPION.

    This World Championship will itself feature 2 levels of competitions (Above and Under 18).

    To guaranty a fair chance to any participant Under and Above 18 will have two different Leagues. The Rookie Stack will be fully dedicated for the Youth and the APEXARENA, Majors only. Anyone can Become World Champion.

  • Esport: You also know it perfectly but these one would need first approbation of the ESL. The APEXARENA is really oriented competition so I’m pretty confident but Still I can not Promise it.

Well, not more than 1 Spoil for Today, but no worries there is way more to present.

Still here some additional Pictures:

Screenshot 2022 01 06 02 01 05

Screenshot 2022 01 06 02 03 31

And Finally While we are awaiting The Begin of the KickStarter Campaign you might Want to get Some Details about what will be available ? So Simply Follow The APEXARENA on IndieDB or ModDb and you will have Pledges Description, partial Stretch Goals Description and Poll Access if needed (To vote 1 or 2 Pledges if there is any hesitations). I can also share Discord Link if you want but currently I’m not really available.


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