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After challenging and demanding months of hard work, patience and passion our Prototype has been converted from GameGurur / DarkBasic to the latest shinyUnreal 4 technology. Time to restart the Kickstarter!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends, developers and fans, it has been done: Our old prototype has been converted to Unreal 4. In the meantime, the preparation work for the full Rollout of Antinomy has continued, and we have some new high value team members aboard. While all this will be nailed down and announced later, check out the Kickstarter Trailer to get a first impression of the new Look & Feel Antinomy will provide:

Yes, we have come a far way from the first pictures we posted here based on our GameGuru Prototyping environment (which was a great platform to get a feeling for the world, the gameplay mechancs, the world size and travel routes)...

First ruins the Unreal Shots we posted here...

Unreal Tavern

...and finally the City of Al-Hamra, like it appears today:

Al-Hamra, scenic view

Of course, the core values of the game have not changed:

Antinomy is still n Indie open world action-adventure about pioneers uniting "The Holy Land" in 1892, while the development process itself is uniting developers with Jewish, Muslim & Christian origins TODAY. And the feature lsit has been updated and completed:

  • ~20 square kilometres open world with a vast lethal desert and a variety of other unique areas
  • Most of the 800+ buildings in the world are enterable.
  • 34 main story missions, 35+ side quests
  • 25+ hours main storyline gameplay
  • A variety of 19th century weapons including muskets, flintlock pistols and a range of Middle Eastern melee weapons.
  • Trading, crafting and a dynamic world economy.
  • Political alignments, shifting alliances and diplomacy and conquest
  • RPG elements such as player skills and character customisation
  • Innovative combat system inspired by V.A.T.S. in Fallout series
  • A full body realistic injury system

Let's go!

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