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Infernospeed will have a very simple gameplay that is similar to a “hack & slash” game. Player will choose from three player classes and fight alongside the human alliance. The player is able to move the ship using the mouse, and offensive and defensive modules will do their tasks when specified a target. Throughout the game, player will have to make critical decisions for the survival. Player has full control for making a ship into a “Mining ship”, “Carrier”, “Battleship”, etc, depending on the attached ship modules.

Player ship is constructed/customized in a very unique way. Ships have a directional damage model (Front, Rear, Left and Right). For example, if the ship is equipped with armor plating on the slots that are on the Right of the ship, having the ship facing right will reduce the amount of damage it will take. Any of the ship frames have the possibility of having slots on left, right, front, rear, and on top. Weapon modules that are attached to slots located on top will have a 360 degrees firing arc, others do not. So, the player must choose carefully where the modules should be attached for maximum efficiency and play style. Furthermore, player must man most of the modules with a crew. Officers can also be recruited for efficiency. Throughout the game, player, crew, and officers will gain experience and can learn new skills and abilities.

There are plenty of ways to be wealthy in the game. Most of the ships will “drop” loot after its destruction, and they can be sold to earn credits. Mining is another way of making credits. Acquired wealth can be used to purchase new modules, recruit crew, perform new research, and more.


Consider changing who you host the video embedded here. clicking the full screen button is not working and I can't read the text in the game without full screening the window.

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Infernospeed Author

Thanks for the comment, Ive embed the video from YouTube. Hope it is okay now.

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