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Leading up to our kickstarter launch, we've been counting down by revealing bits of Sense's lore day by day, revealing more about the world and its characters. In this post, we'll be recapping what's been revealed so far.

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In anticipation of our upcoming kickstarter, we've been counting down the days with small reveals that shed light on more about Sense's world and its characters. In this post, we'll be recapping what's been revealed so far.

We plan to launch on the 15th, and will update the IndieDB again on our launch along with the rest of the lore revealed over the next few days. You can follow our updates live on our social media:

Day 1

Our story begins on August 21, 2083; when Mei Lin Mak enters the neon-lit streets of the Old International District - Neo Hong Kong.

Day 2

After World War 3, the world changed drastically. Countries were destroyed and re-established along new borders and cultures, but remnants of the old world still remained - much akin to the spirits that still haunt the streets.

Day 3

Due to a childhood accident, our protagonist Mei’s eyes were replaced with cybernetic ones in an experimental procedure by a young robotics engineer.

Day 4

Meet Kawakami Shiro, the reclusive philanthropist who single-handedly crafted the post-war world, and founded the company Shirotech. Yet despite his importance to the world's history however, Shiro remains a man of many secrets…

Day 5

What does the last image mean? How does it tie into the story, and Sense's world? Be sure to follow along for more lore reveals to find out - and stay posted for Sense's kickstarter relaunch, on May 15th.

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