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Winged Sakura: Mindy's Arc is on Kickstarter until October the 24th. The Prototype Demo is also now available to Indie DB users!

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Winged Sakura: Mindy's Arc is currently on Kickstarter seeking funds to help bring this project to life. Please check out our Kickstarter at

You can also view the Kickstarter video at the Summary section of this page, or here:

The Prototype Demo

The prototype demo has been uploaded to Indie DB for Indie DB users to try out the basic gameplay for Winged Sakura: Mindy's Arc. Try out the short demo and let us know what you think!

The prototype demo supports Windows and Mac.

The download links are also available at

Example of the Mage's attack range:

Some tips on beating the Challenge Mode:

  • Think of this game as a RPG/MMORPG. You have a tank, DPS, and AoE to clear minions.
  • Use strategic pause mode (Space bar) often and your spiritual energy wisely!
  • Use your lightning mage (Magicat, Hotkey W) to gather spiritual energy. Magicat has a range of 8x3 tile spaces. See image above! All enemies inside the red rectangle will be targeted by the spirit.
  • Use the archer (Hotkey Q) as the main boss DPS. The archer has a range of 8.
  • Use the bird shield spirit (Hotkey R) to group up waves for AoE damage
  • Use the melee cat (Hotkey E) to finish off weak enemies or AoE behind the bird. The melee cat has a range of 2.
vinmuz - - 27 comments


Interesting project ...
I'd like to give you my opinion about your BGM, ('cause I'm an audio guy):

I invite you to tell your composer, whose composition skills are sure, not to use too much expressive instruments as lead voice (foreground), on virtual production ... because, unfortunately, the rendering of a virtual violin (the accused) doesn't work as well as it should.
If he and your dev' team absolutely want "lead" violin for this track, East West Gypsy violin has a better rendering (for a virtual instrument). You also could record this part ^^!

Good luck.

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WingedSakura Author
WingedSakura - - 2 comments

Hi Vinmuz,

Thanks for your feedback about the BGM. It has been noted down. I'll redirect her to this message when I get a chance to talk to her.

- Hong

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