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KiBallz in a low poly online shooter in development. Become a Japanese super hero and fly around on a quest to find 7 legendary Super Balls, which are said to make your wishes come true. But beware, your enemies are also looking for them!

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Welcome to the Ki world, young trainee!

Do you have what it takes to be a Ki Fighter? Then stop reading this article and start training! KiBallz is a fast paced online shooter, an anime fight simulator and sandbox battle game. Choose your fighting techniques, customize your outfit, and start destroying your enemies and the world.

But let me break the forth wall for a moment. My name is Raphael and I am creating this free game for people like me, who like skill based online games that make you sweat. Let's take a deeper look into some of the mechanics.

Movement system

The movement system is designed to present the player with maximum freedom to move around the ever changing worlds. Choose between running, jumping, flying and even move with the speed of light. But remember that your Ki is limited, and moving faster is more exhausting.

Ki system

Your Ki is your energy and the source of 99% of your strength. What distinguishes a Ki Fighter from a mere human is not his muscles. It is the ability to channel his Ki from the heart and to transform it into real world energy. Every action in KiBallz costs a little bit of Ki. It is easy to fly, but if you do it while also shooting Ki balls and using your senses, you will get tired very fast. Master Ki Fighters use their Ki wisely and seem to never run out of it, even in longer battles.

Attack system

Ki fighters can choose from a wide range of attacks, from normal melee punches and kicks to epic abilities like the legendary Kama Kama special technique. Charge your attacks as long as you see fit, you can use the same weapon in many different ways, mastering the freedom that a Ki Fighter has in his attacks.

Shield system

Every fighter knows that there is a difference between getting knocked out and getting defeated. In KiBallz, there are two separate bars for your health and shield. If your shield gets to zero, you get knocked out. But you are not defeated until your health bar is empty. A true Ki Fighter stands up after he falls, ready to continue the fight.

Customization system

Intergalactic Hero

The customization system is currently a prototype. The player can choose from a variety of cosmetic items like glasses, hair styles, or tails. I am working on more cosmetics, like rings or ears, but the main thing you can look forward to are the non cosmetic customization options in KiBallz. In the final game you will also be able to choose your weapons, abilities and your stats!

These things are good to know, but what are the Super Balls and how do I get them?


The Super Balls were, the Super Balls are, and the Super Balls will be. Some say, they are Ki manifest as matter. Others say, they are evil. The only thing the world knows about the Super Balls is that they grant wishes. And some Ki Fighters report an increase of strength while carrying one.

If you think that you are worthy to find them, I suggest you check out the demo of the game here:

Note that the game is still in development, get all the news about it here:

And if you are an angel and want to support the game and get a weekly updated version to play visit:


I love this "totally not dragon ball" thing. Keep it up.

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