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Yes, somehow K&B is still alive. Very alive. Find out what incredible stuff's been going on.

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Got some pretty cool stuff to show off. I'm excited. Perhaps you're not. Oh well, stop reading I guess. For the rest of you, see below:

To start off, a nice block of text. Mmm. The K&B team's been surprisingly active. Peugeot's been texturing like a mad man, while the rest of us fill up the internal forums with nice new information and plans (read: even more stuff for Peugeot and The Dude to code). Two civs -- I mean factions -- are pretty much done. Hell, maybe they are done and we're not even telling you (no not really). A few completely new mechanics are also being completed, and we're slowly finding out what's a good idea and what's a really, really bad, or funny, idea. Either way, stuff's getting done, and the mod may even be released some day!

Pictures. I like them, hope you do too.

To me, variations have been one of the neatest parts of K&B. It makes all the units just a little different, just a little more personal. These guys aren't clones, they're jedi, at least.You can see we not only switch skins up, but you'll also see shields and weapons and helmets all switch around. Even better, through some sort of witchcraft we've managed to import some new models. I'm going to save my favorite new model for the next update, but the image below shows off a new shield and bucket helm:

(I might as well tell you that we've already updated this model so that it's even COOLER than what you see here)

Here's to hoping I whet your appetite a bit. Check out the newer (and older) Friday showcases that you might have missed: Those Olde Friday Showcases


that's a good news :D

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