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There has been a little confusion about what is more important to the Nod followers, Kane or their brothers. Take this quiz and find out!

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Take this little quiz to find out if you're a Follower, a Disciple or a Brother. See the score at the end of the page. If you want post your level on the comment section down there!

Q.1: Kane orders the destruction of a GDI Liquid Tiberium Lab, but the blast would kill
milions of Nod allegged civilians and military personel.

O.1.1: You do as Kane pleases.
O.1.2: You stand back and don't destroy it fearing for the death of your brohers.

Q.2: Kane orders the destruction of a Nod base as he claims they are traitors, but there
are no proof for that.

O.2.1: You burn the base until there's nothing left of it.
O.2.2: You argue with Kane that there is no proof and let the base be.

Q.3: You are ordered to get in a Nod lab base and take all the valuable intel away from
the incoming GDI superforce but other Nod forces are in grave danger of getting killed.

O.3.1: You do as the mission says and leave the Nod forces at the hands of death.
O.3.2: You try to save them and jeopardise the mission in the process.

Q.4: There are rumours that Kane is held prisoner in a highly fortified GDI base but you
have very scarce forces

O.4.1: You send all your remaining forces in search of Kane but they will probably die.
O.4.2: You hold your ground not risking your forces for a rumour.

Q.5: Kane orders you to capture valuable Scrin technology but another commander pleases
you to send his forces at his location to hold the Scrin fleet from killing all the Nod
forces in the area.

O.5.1: You ignore the commander and go after the Scrin technology.
O.5.2: You hold your ground with the commander ignoring Kane's plans.

Q.6: Kane orders you to go on a suicide mission in which it's 99% possibility
your forces will die.

O.6.1: You do as Kane pleases and proceed to the mission
O.6.2: You refuse telling you'll not die for his plans.

Q.7: You are ordered to execute 20 other Nod commanders as they are possibly traitors.
O.7.1: You execute them all.
O.7.2: You refuse because of the lack of evidence.

Q.8: You are told there's a new AI prototype in development by Kane.
O.8.1: You let it be.
O.8.2: You destroy it fearing about it starting another Firestorm Crisis.

Q.9: Would you kill for Kane
?O.9.1: Yes
O.9.2: NoQ.

10: Would you kill for the Brotherhood?
O.10.1: No
O.10.1: Yes

Q.11: Would you die for Kane?
O.11.1: Yes

NoQ.12: Would you die for the Brotherhood?O.12.1: No
O.12.2: Yes

Q.13: Why did the chicken cross the street?

O.13.3: To avoid the KFC store on the side it was before.
O.13.4: To avoid the SHOOP DA WHOOP! lazor on the side it was before.
O.13.5: To meet with Kane.
O.13.6: To avoid the horde of Zombies coming to it.

7+ O.1's:

Disciple: You are loyal to Kane and his vision of the Tiberium Future. You follow Kane's orders half-blind or even completely blind and you take no time to think about the consequences of your actions, for you it's just Kane, Tiberium and Ascension.

7+ O.2's:

Brother: The ost important for you is the Brotherhood. You always take time to think about your brothers and are willing to ignore your superiors' commands if it's to save even a handful of your other brothers. Your goal is to get Nod as the only superpower on Earth and Ascension is nothing but fairytales to you.

6-6: Follower:

You have managed to achieve balance between Kane and your own brothers. You won't let all your brothers die because of Kane's plans but you will at the same time try to complete it.


I'm a O.2 Brother. lol! :D

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playmsbk Author

cause u dont like Kane maybe?

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I do not trust this quiz >_>

I got Follower though, what can I say I'm a man of evidence, though I would detroy the traitor Nod base for two reasons, 1. It would be fun =D 2. If I didn't Kane would probably call me a traitor, but the one with the traitor Nod Commando's...I'd have to side with them that time.

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Hm, maybe I have spent too much time in isolation from Kane's views. I've believed myself more of a Brother to the Brotherhood than anything else... Or maybe I have interpreted the goals and aims of the Brotherhood differently to Kane...

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A follower XD

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this quiz is to kill us all! IT IS GDI WHO POSTED THIS QUIZ. btw i would 0.1 FOR KANE!

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Kane's plans lead to divination, anyone who falters delays humanity's betterment and brings shame to the Brotherhood. Kane has seen beyond our meager time and knows what must be done, so have faith in his word, brothers.

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1.1, 2.1, 3.1, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 8.1, 9.1, 10.1, 11.1, 12.0, 13.5

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I'm a O.2 Brother

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