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Kaizer has been released and is available to download!

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Kaizer is a strategic & tactical board game for two players (but can be played by only one). If you like games like Street Fighter, Chess, X-Com, Jagged Alliance, or just like sci-fi stuff, this might be for you. A competitive spirit is all that's needed to play.

Kaizer v0.55 Open Space v2 Sector Kaizer v0.55 Open Space v2 Sector Kaizer v0.55 Kings Forward Sector

You can download the game over in our download section, both the web and Windows versions can be found there. For the web version just open the .html file and you should be good to go (provided you have the Unity browser plug-in -- easy stuff if not). If the fullscreen button isn't working try Right Clicking and choose "Go Fullscreen."

The game is best played two player but can be played for practice by one (that's pretty fun too). I would recommend starting with a small number of ships and simple Sector (like Kings Forward or Ascension) before moving on to the bigger battles.

Pro Tip: USE THE HELP SYSTEM. I tried to make the game as easy to learn as possible, but if you get stuck just hit "Help".

Feedback, comments & critiques are encouraged!


PS. If you're using the Windows version use alt+Enter to enter/exit fullscreen mode (escape doesn't work)! This will be fixed in the next version.

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