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Kaiser X puts you in a very destroyed land where demons have more than just bloodlust, what will the environment be like?

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More News!, now we have a discord server where you can talk to me and also where I will share even more progress of the project, and who knows, you can also play beta versions of Kaiser X ;)

Now about the enviroment:

Kaiser seeks more than just revenge against the sky, he seeks to conquer and make the heavens pay, flood the human world in blood to see the sky stained red

in kaiser x you will find more than just death, You will suffer the same fate as the poor humans who tried to face the calamity?

Screenshot Doom 20201019 134320

Screenshot Doom 20201019 134123

Now also, the main character will sometimes say some phrases

Screenshot Doom 20201019 134332

And maybe, we can find new NPCS with we can see, if they have a pure heart or not

Screenshot Doom 20201019 134438

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